Quinn McCarthy 
Practice Principal

I'm a people person, always have been, always will be, in fact I hate being on my own, which is why I really enjoy meeting new people. I'm driven to helping people achieve their financial goals and aspirations or by simply providing them and their families with peace of mind.

I joined Colin's practice as he was originally my Adviser, and I really liked the way he carried out his business in fact he reminded me very much of my Grandfather. I still remember my Grandfather telling me when I was young "If a job is worth doing, do it properly" and "Always put yourself in the client's shoes"

These phrases have resonated with me throughout my life and have stood me in pretty good stead!

My main business focus is on helping small business owners and the self-employed with Protection needs, Pensions and Investments and helping them answer key questions about their aspirations.

When I'm not working I love spending time with my family. I have 2 boys and a girl and two dogs, who keep me pretty busy!! I try to be healthy and enjoy life, although I probably worry a little too much and probably need to chill-out a little more often. I enjoy cooking, football, tennis and binging on a good tv series!

Tony Pullen          DipFA LIBF 

Senior Financial Adviser

Educated at Clifton College, Bristol and trained as a Chartered Accountant, I worked at a senior level in local companies during the 1970s.

​I started my career as a Financial Adviser in 1981.  I am diploma qualified and a Member of the Institute of Financial Services.

With over thirty years of experience I specialise in giving investment and Inheritance Tax planning advice to high-net-worth clients.


I am a proud grandparent, am actively involved in local charities, and enjoy gardening at weekends.

Catherine Manifold
Practice Office Manager

After my post-graduate research in Communications at the University of Leicester, I have previously worked in sales, marketing and senior customer service roles.

I moved to (fabulous) Bristol in 2000 to live with my then boyfriend and his 2 children; we subsequently married in 2004.  Having worked with Colin Locke and Tony since autumn 2008, I gained a professional qualification in financial administration and para-planning during 2013.  

Being a digital photographer and keen computer user I maintain my own website of my photographs.  I greatly enjoy reading, watching films and listening to live and recorded music.  I am an animal lover, currently with one dog at home.  We also love travelling abroad.

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